This Hidden Trick Could Make Your PC Video Games Run Super Fast

There’s nothing worse than trying to play a game online but having it run extremely slowly thanks to various issues on your PC. The problem of “lag” is often associated with a poor Internet connection, but there’s actually a hidden problem inside Windows which can cause this problem as well. This tutorial cool math is going to show you how to fix this issue and make your computer games run super fast again (hopefully).

The “lag” on an online game can either be caused by a slow Internet connection (I’m sure you’d know if your connection was slow) or by problems inside Windows / with your game. Most people can tell if their Internet connection is running okay – just try and look on the Internet for some random things and see how fast new pages load up. However, hardly anyone knows about the problems the “registry” causes for your system. The registry is a database which stores all the settings and options that games need to run, and the bad news is that although this part of your PC is extremely important, it’s also one of the biggest reasons why your system will run slow.

The problem that many gaming PCs have is that the registry database of Windows is riddled with corrupt and damaged settings, making your system unable to run the games smoothly or reliably. As you play any game, it’s constantly trying to read 100’s of files and settings from the registry in order to help it run… and unfortunately, many of these settings often become damaged and corrupted, leading your computer to take longer to read them the next time it wants them, slowing it down. This is actually a very common cause of “lag” as if your system cannot read the files it needs to run on time, it will just slow down and take longer to process the settings it needs, making it appear like your game is jumping or lagging.

The hidden trick to fix this issue is to fix all the damaged parts of the registry database, by using a ‘registry cleaner’. Registry cleaners are software programs that scan through Windows and can fix all the damaged settings that are causing your game to lag. You can download these programs from the Internet, and if you get a good one, it will fix all the errors that Windows has, allowing it to process your games as quickly and effectively as possible, allowing it to run faster and smoother.